Monday Morning Offering - 10

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

All the kids are getting ready to go back to school, Lord...
Keep them safe and healthy...
open their minds to their studies
and their hearts to their classmates...
Make their teachers wise and gentle,
firm and understanding...

I'm glad that school days are behind me, Lord -
I've had enough of all that!

But I know I still have a lot of learning to do... a lot!

I'm glad that homework is history for me
but I know there's plenty of work left for me to do
to prepare a home for you in my heart...
there's too much of me and my stuff in there
and I need to do some fall cleaning
to make more room for you...

Quizzes and tests?
Don't have to study for those anymore, Lord!
But there is that one important final exam that awaits me
and I've got a lot more work to do
to be ready to pass that one...

And I'm still working on that paper,
the autobiography you asked me to write,
the one where I'm supposed to be honest
and tell the truth about who I am
and who I believe you are -
and how we've got to know each other over the years...
more work to do on that assignment, for sure...

I guess in a lot of ways I am still a student
in the school of your wisdom and truth
and there's so much I've yet to learn...
so much I haven't yet begun to study...
so much I've learned but forgotten...
and so many tests I've failed...

But you're the most understanding Teacher of all, Lord:
you're patient when I don't pay attention,
forgiving when I don't do my work,
gentle in correcting my bad study habits,
and always ready to give me a make-up exam - always!

So this Monday morning, Lord,
I offer you my ignorance -
and pray you'll give me knowledge of your truth...

I offer you all my incomplete work -
and pray you'll give me an extension...

I offer you my failing grades -
and pray you'll give me time for extra credit...

Most of all, Lord, send me your Spirit
to be the truth I seek,
the wisdom I want,
and the knowledge I need
to be your disciple...

And, Lord, while I'm still a student in your school,
teach me to play well with others!




  1. This post, as many others have, hit me hard. Because of this, I felt a need to comment, but (sigh), words again fail me. So, all I can say is thank you.

  2. m: You're so very welcome! And thank you for leaving a comment. My greatest hope in this whole effort is to offer spiritual connections and it's a joy to hear when that happens.

  3. I feel badly when I read one of your great blogs and see "0 comments", but I am like the person who responded to above.

    You have such a wonderful gift for words, able to take a small or normal happening and create a prayerful column that touches me. Thank you. I am moved by your words, but my words are jumbled inside. You just have to take my "word" for it (sorry! :)) Thank you for sharing yourself with us. P

  4. P: Thank you! I'd love for their to be more comments, too, but as long as the readership numbers stay positive, I presume that folks come back because what they read here is something they find helpful - or at least interesting.

    I thank God for the gifts I have and for the opportunity to share them.


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