Monday Morning Offering - 29

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

What I’d like to offer you this Monday morning is -
the rest of January.

And when I say I’d like to “offer” it to you, Lord,
what I really mean is,
“You can take it back!”

But you know, that would only bring me to February -
and I’m pretty sure you can keep February, too!

So, what I’d really like, Lord,
is to skip from here to March:
to the thawing of things cold frozen,
to the promise of softening earth,
to the caress of a first warm day,
to trees greening and jonquils flowering…

So, I'd like to trade you the rest of January
and all of February - for March 1...

I know you’re not surprised, Lord.
You know how I always want to skip the hard times.
I’d rather skate around the rough patches.
I’d like to skirt the dark days, the gray days
and pretend they don’t come along -
but they do…

So what I think I really need to offer you this morning, Lord,
is a prayer, a desire
for a heart and a mind
willing to face, to take on the rest of January,
and February, too,
and to walk through the cold gray haze
seeking, finding, counting on
the warmth of your presence
and the help of others
to lead me , to get me to the spring time…

And not just for the next month and a half, Lord…

I need a heart to offer you all the hard times,
rough patches and gray days
and to offer you the fear and frustration I own
when those times come my way…

Offer me the wisdom, the strength, the will I need, Lord,
to make it from here to where I want to go,
to where I want to be,
to where you call me...

And let me not hesitate for a moment
when I see on my path
your light for my steps,
your hand to guide me
and your love to keep me safe…

Help me take it a day at a time, Lord,
and a week at a time, a season at a time…

And open my eyes and ears and heart
to those ready to help me along the way, Lord,
and to those who need the help
that I might offer them…

So, I’ll take the rest of January, Lord,
and February, too,
and pray you’ll accept the offering
of a heart in need of your strength,
longing to move on,
and yearning for spring…




  1. I could not have said it better myself ! You can really put my thoughts on "paper/blog" in the most beautiful way. I'll be walking the winter one day at a time.
    Thanks for the Monday morning wake up .

  2. This prayer says exactly what is in my heart. I'll carry it with me to make these days less dark...

  3. BRILLIANT!!!! I wondered how you were going to weave that into your offering. Way to go, I love it!!!

  4. An interesting take on the winter blues that many people feel. Your prose was beautiful and your thoughts valid, still, I wish I could find a way to make you (and everyone who suffers mid-winter blues) see the beauty of the snow and brisk air that some might find refreshing. Perhaps God will be able to shake the blues away and help you look at Jan and Feb with new eyes, especially after hearing this Monday Morning Prayer.

  5. CP, have you ever thought of visiting relatives who live in warm climes during this cold stretch?

  6. While it's true I'm no big fan of the winter, I compose the Monday Morning Offerings with a broad range of folks in mind and heart. I spent Thanksgiving with family in Charlotte where it was milder than it was in Concord but not tropical. But that's where my cousin and his wife and my aunt and uncle live and that's where I wanted to spend Thanksgiving.

    Ready for this? I'm soon on my way to Colorado to visit my sister and brother-in-law! Again, it's where they live so that's where I go.

    I do have family further south I'd love to see, too and I hope I might get there (unless they get up north first!) at a time when I'll appreciate their local climate.

  7. ...I'm hoping and praying you have a very nice and safe visit with your family in Colorado...

  8. ...thank you so much for your words... they mean so much to someone who finds words (or can't find words) so difficult...

  9. You know, I've been feeling like it's been "January" for over 2 years...

    I needed this. I've printed it and will hang in my place where I will see it every morning!


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