Link of the Day: Googling God

In this occasional series I'm recommending links from my sidebar or ones I've found in my Internet travels.

This post invites you to check out Mike Hayes' blog, Googling God.

Mike's a well-known expert in the world of young adult ministry (20s and 30s) in the Catholic Church. He's the author of Googling God (Paulist, 2007) wherein he explores both the chaotic world that young people live in and their religious reactions to that world. He also explores the age of instant gratification and how churches can respond to the needs of young adults by using technology alongside more traditional ministry methods.

Mike founded the award winning BustedHalo.com in 2001 and continues to contribute to it as the editor of their catechetical section appropriately named Googling God.

Recently, Mike left BustedHalo to focus on more direct ministry with young people at St Joseph University Parish as a Campus Minister for the South Campus at the University at Buffalo.

What I like about Mike's blog is the breadth of topics, the good writing and the way he raises questions with a genuine desire to explore and learn. In the Catholic blogopshere, so often marked by the stridency of narrow agendas, Mike's page is a refreshing oasis.

If you're reading carefully, you'll see that there are three links to three different sites all named Googling God! First there's Mike's blog which this post is featuring and which I'm adding to the sidebar here. Second, there is the link to Mike's book and third, the link to his work on Busted Halo.


  1. I love Mike's blog - well, heck - I love Mike. He is a brilliant guy, bursting with the spirit and wanting to bring everyone to the table.

    Me being the blogging-meet-up-meister that I am, was fortunate to meet up with Mike twice in 2009! The first time was when Mike was the keynote at a diocesan catechetical event last year. If you ever get to hear him give a talk or if you are in a position to bring a speaker to your Catholic event... do not hesitate to call him. People will be moved.

    Fran (from work!)

  2. Fr Austin--

    Thanks so much! I'm such a fan of your work too and feel much the same way about your blog. Will be sending the reciprocal blog shout out soon.

  3. You two need to meet. Trust me on this - I know! That would be quite the Catholic moment!! Hearts and minds would be moved - including your own gentlemen!

  4. I agree, Fran!

    Thanks for highlighting Mike, CP. He's a good guy.


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