Smells, bells and batteries: an electronic thurible!

Photo: GunningandKavanagh

Here it is, folks! Reduce the carbon footprint in your church!

No, I'm not endorsing this product - just enjoying bringing it to your attention!

Here's the scoop from the manufacturer, Belltron, translated from Italian:
NO MORE CARBON - only the aroma of incense all around.

IT IS FULLY LITURGICAL conforming to n. 90 of the Bishop’s ceremonial. In fact, in order to allow the incense to burn it is necessary to introduce just a few incense grains each time.

It is extremely easy to use and fully automatic. After having added your incense all you need to do is touch the switch and after a few seconds the incense will start to burn for the preset time of 3 minutes. Press the start button again to interrupt functioning before the preset time.

• Supplied complete with battery charger and incense boat.
• Ecological with incense saving.
• Thanks to the new heating element only a few grains of incense are necessary to obtain the utmost smoke.
• No maintenance required.
• Supplied with reliable cadmio nikel batteries.

Up to 5-6 incense cycles, 3 minutes each, on a single charge.
A stand with a marble base is also available.

Has anyone ever seen or smelled one of these in action?


  1. No,never seen it but this is my favorite:

  2. No mention of the price for this unique item?????

    I am thinking this must be some kind of a joke!!!

  3. Awesome.

    This brought back memories of my first year as an altar server in the 5th grade. I got so stressed out using the carbon to start the fire! :-)

  4. Can you hear me coughing? Just watching that video triggers my asthma!

  5. Love the smell, and no never seen one.

    The church going tech? First wireless microphone, what's next?

    Just might get interesting.

  6. This entry may be late!, However, the Electronic Thurible is a lot less messy and more easier to operate. Certainly having purchased same from Belltron it is a matter of pressing switch under Thurible base, and the heating element operates immediately. Place a FEW granules of Incense onto the heating element and smoke and smell instantly appears. There is no mess or staining of the Thurible which is of a reasonable weight containing all operating mechanisms within the lower base. An excellent device and one I would recommend to all. The only negative feedback I can find is the cost presently Jan 2011 and that is approximately £399.... Now that price is enough to get anyone hot under the collar!!.


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