Variations on Carravaggio's Doubting Thomas

Doubting Thomas by Caravaggio (click on image for larger version)

Contemporary rendering of Doubting Thomas, based on Caravaggio, found at The Crossroads Initiative

Another contemporary rendering of Caravaggio: Still Doubting by John Granville Gregory

If you haven't yet done your scripture homework in preparation for Mass this weekend, I hope these renderings of the Doubting Thomas might pique your interest and lead you to those
texts which, complete with background materials, can be found here.

And here's another one!

Doubting Thomas by Ben Steele

At the top of this post you saw 3 renderings of "Doubting Thomas," including Caravaggio and his imitators. The image here by Ben Steele takes us in another direction... or does it?  Steele's site is worth a visit for his take on art and how we view it. I'd apologize to fans of Kinkade but that would be disingenuous on my part: the visual pun in Steele's piece and title is too sweet to pass up! For some insightful commentary on all of this, check out Anneke Majors post at A Motley Vision.

And finally:

Photograph by Andy Moxon.

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  1. Yesterday you encouraged to thank those who'd put forth such effort to make the Lenten/Easter season meaningful....I tried to send my thanks to you (computer probs) for your worshipful and educational posts encouraged and enriched my preparations and anticipations and celebration greatly! Thank you for all the thought and hard work you put into this in addition to all of your other time consuming pastoral duties. Carol

  2. Did you ever hear of Doubting Thomas referred to as Honest Thomas?

  3. Good day to you Father!

    I'm from the Philippines and I want to follow your blog..I'm also a 2nd Year Philosophy seminarian...

    I'm a blogger also.. My posts are about the Catholic Faith answering people who are in doubt with our faith...

    Some of my posts are re-posted from other Catholic bloggers here in the Philippines that's why some of the articles posted in my blog is in Tagalog (Filipino)..

    Thanks for accepting my request...

    Deus te benedicat!

  4. Welcome aboard! You're in my prayers!


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