Chipping a new beginning

A while back I recommended Max Lindenman's blog, Diary of a Wimpy CatholicA link to the same can always be found on my sidebar.

Not at all in the wimpy category, Lindenman's writing is always worth the read.  Yesterday he put up a truly remarkable post, one with which I believe most of us will identify in a variety of ways. Max begins:
My Higher Power must be pleased. I just returned from my first AA meeting in possession of a “24-hour chip” — an object that looks like an outsized arcade token, stamped with Reinhold Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer. I’m told that if it melts in my mouth, then I can have a drink.
You'll want to read the rest here.

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  1. A few minutes ago I decided I needed a break from a very long workday that began at 8 AM and won't likely end before 9 PM. I decided to check out your blog because I was so crazed yesterday that I didn't even read the MMO. I admit I was on the verge of the spittering and sputtering referred to in the MMO.... and then...
    I read this post and all of a sudden my challenges pale in comparison to Max's. What an amazing story..his candor, wit and faith inspire me. I will hold him in prayer, as I am sure many other's will do.


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