Monday Morning Offering - 161

Image: George Mendoza

(The press of parish life in September and yesterday's gospel prompted me to go back a few years and share this prayer again...)

Good morning, good God!

Just a few days ago, Lord,
in response to something oh-so-small,
I found myself ready to sputter and spill
my quick-temper  --
but before a word left my lips,
your Spirit gave me pause
and I realized how often, how quickly,
how easily I can think
it's all about

I'm embarrassed to say that, Lord,
but I know it's true...

Accept my embarrassment as a contrite heart
and give me a heart like yours,
slow to anger and quick to kindness...

I'm grateful for that moment's grace, Lord,
keeping me in check,
and I regret the times I've missed your Spirit's nudge
prompting me to "count to ten"
to spare those in my path my foolish fuming...

So this morning I offer for your healing, Lord,
my snarl, my growl, my defenses aprowl
protecting  my way of seeing and and my way of doing
at hand...

With your Spirit's power,
tame my temper, Lord,
and temper my rash response...

Let your Spirit be the gatekeeper at my lips,
keeping careful watch
on all my words and ways...

With your Spirit's patience,
take hold of my heart, Lord:
tame, heal, shape and mold me
as the person you call me to be...

And when others snap and snarl
give me an understanding heart, Lord:
remind me of how great's my need
for your mercy and your grace...

Accept my morning offering, Lord:
give me peace and help me share it
today and through the week ahead...


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