It's not too late to start Lent!

It's never too late to get on board the Lent train!

If you missed Ash Wednesday or just haven't begun to live this season as you'd like, start today!

If you had a good start for Lent but realize that your spirit and zeal have waned - start again!

It's never too late to start or re-start the season of Lent.  

Prayer, sacrifice and works of mercy for the poor - that's the "exercise program" for Lent: "spring training" for Christians looking to get back into spiritual shape and live for at least a season the way we're called to live all year 'round.

If you need some help catching up, click on the Cross on the sidebar for an archive of the Lenten posts published to date.

Don't waste time fretting about what you've missed!

Invite God's grace to help you make the best of the rest of Lent and all it holds for you.


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  1. I started lent Late I started in April 1st but I know it still counts and I gave up what every teen loves to eat which is chips and I know I got this ...its never to late..just believe!!!!


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