Praying 10 minutes today: Tuesday, May 1

Set aside some time for prayer... find a quiet place... take a few deep breaths... be still... and know that God is near...

A word to reflect on:  
How can God's love survive in those who have enough of this world's goods yet close their hearts to their neighbors when they see them in need?  Children, let us love in deed and in truth and not merely talk about it.  1 John 3

In my parish we pray every Sunday
"for a spirit of generosity in the hearts of us
who have more than we need..."
Although there are many things I want, Lord,
I know that in a world where so many have nothing,
I have much more than I need...
Help me take an honest inventory what I have
and what I want to have...
Free me from my desire to have and have more,
to buy and buy more, to own and to own more,
to collect and store up more than I need or can use...
Help me, Lord, not to depend on my possessions
or to be ruled by them...
Give me a generous heart, Lord,
to reach out to those in need...
Draw me away from all my things, Lord,
to a simple, quiet place...
In the stillness, help me, today,
to begin to let go of what I cling to
and as I let go,
free me, today, to be generous to those in need...
In the quiet,
help me to learn to love the stillness
in which I have only what I need
and to know, Lord, that everything I truly need
comes from your hand...

Here are some tips for praying 10 minutes a day and a link to the Lenten series from which these daily posts originated.  If you find these daily prayer reminders helpful, please let me know - and share them with others.  You'll find an archive of these daily posts here.


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