Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 5/26

Concord Center: Photo by CP

The trees are budding
with hope and promise
of leafy beauty soon to come and stay
until November's chill strips bare again
their shades of summer green...

And I wonder:
what's budding in me, Lord?
What promise and hope will you, this spring,
draw forth and bring to life?
What growth have you in mind for me?
What change is budding in my soul,
in my thoughts and words and deeds?

What's yet unknown to even me,
budding now from deep within,
calling me to something new:
   to be more than I've ever been,
   to do more than I've ever done,
   to grow in ways I've not yet dreamed?

Coax, cajole, compel what's budding
in my heart and mind and soul...

Open up to thrive, this spring,
what hope and promise you desire
to bring alive in me...



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