A Prayer Tip

I’m fortunate to have a room in my home set aside for quiet time for prayer.  It was originally a sun room on the back of the house but some years ago I made it a chapel, including a tabernacle where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved.  It’s where my day begins and where my day ends.  And it's where I often pray for you.

As part of my morning prayer, I usually write down on a post-it a phrase or a verse from the scriptures (usually from the psalms) that particularly struck me in my prayer.  I stick that on my cell phone and take it with me for the day.  In the course of getting around I transfer that post-it to my dashboard, my desk, my kitchen table or my laptop.  It’s a small visual connection to my morning prayer.  The photo above is a collection of my post-it prayers.

One morning last week my post-it quote had fallen off my phone and a friend picked it up in the sacristy and she asked, “What’s this?” When I told her about it, she said she just might try doing the same.

I’m sharing this here with you because it’s such an easy way keep your prayer alive, to maintain your spiritual connection with the Lord, all through the day.  Of course you don’t need to use post-its - whatever’s at hand will do the trick.

You’ll find, too, if you keep referring to your handy little daily prayer reminder, that before the day’s half over, you won’t even need to look at the paper – the phrase or verse will be embedded in your mind and heart, there for you to call up whenever you need it.   

Of course, Step One is to spend some time with the scriptures at the beginning of the day so you have something to write down!  That’s the step that takes dedication and discipline.  The rest is easy – the Lord’s Word accompanies you through the day and is there for your strength and encouragement when you need it.

            Too busy for Step One?  Summer’s ahead – take advantage of a lighter schedule or vacation (may you have both!) and begin to make Step One a part of your day.

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