Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 5/31

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Yesterday, I hit some rough patches, Lord,
and I know you know what I'm talking about...

But I got through them,
or over them,
or around them
- and came out on the other side...

There were some rough patches, Lord,
but as I look back now I can see more clearly
that there were some smooth stretches, too -
especially the ride I took around 6:30
and the clean spring air filling my car
and my heart
with the breath of your presence...

So, some rough patches and some smooth ones...

Too often, Lord, I miss the smooth
because I'm so focused on the rough:
help me to see the good times
as clearly as I see the hard times...

And since I'm praying here in public,
I want to lift up to you
anyone whose yesterday was all rough spots
- or at least for them that's how it seemed...

Give them some smooth patches today, Lord,
and help them see the ones they might miss...

Rough or smooth
I know you're with me, Lord,
as you are with everyone:
guide us through the rough times,
open our eyes to the good times
and walk with us
at all times...



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