Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 12/27

For so long, Lord, for much too long,
we've nursed grudges and resentments,
we've carried backpacks of anger
weighing heavy on our shoulders,
keeping us apart from family and neighbors,
colleagues and classmates
and even old friends...

Now we're just days away
from a new year...

We all say we want a fresh start,
a second chance, a clean slate -
but do we?

Do we really want a new beginning?
Or will we once again be content
to carry last year's burdens
right through New Year's Eve
and into 2020?

Will we cling and hold fast
to past years' grudges and resentments
as we sing our Auld Lang Syne?

Will we inaugurate yet another year
in the shadows of mistrust:
chips on our shoulders,
our hearts hardened and burdened
with the weight of selfish pride?

If there won't be time to mend all this
before the clock strikes 12
then help us resolve in 2020
to be the first to take the steps
toward making peace
where peace has long been wanting...

We need your help with this, Lord,
because up until now, sadly,
we've not managed to do this on our own...

Help us, Lord, we pray:
make all things new among us
in the new year just ahead...



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