Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 12/29

The Holy Family with St. Ann by El Greco
Tomorrow we celebrate Holy Family Sunday.  El Greco's painting here gives us not only Jesus, Mary and Joseph, but Jesus' grandmother, Ann, as well.  A grandmother's love for her child's child is a special love indeed. Pause and pray and imagine the depth of Ann's love for Mary, her daughter, and for Jesus, her grandson...
Did you come to visit often, Ann, 

to help your daughter 
with her precious newborn,
your beloved grandson?
Did your son-in-law, Joseph,

welcome you warmly?
did he make you feel at home
in Nazareth?

Did you know the secrets 

of the wonderful mystery 
of your grandson's birth?
Had they told you 

of the angel's visit to Mary?
of an angel's message to Joseph,

delivered in a dream?
Did you wonder, 

did you worry, too,
what might become of this little one?
this holy child of God?

Your eyes, your gaze tell me

that in your heart 
you knew what Mary knew:
I know that mothers 

know these things
and keep and treasure them
in their heart...

And now your grandson's hungry
and turns to take his mother's breast 

for nourishment and comfort...
As you nursed Mary at your breast,
as Mary fed Jesus from hers,
so help us offer one another

the milk of human kindness,
shared in the cup of mercy
that's ours in Christ the Lord...


Twelve Days 2012

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