Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 2/2

January is history and we're into February
but you, Lord,
you don't count days or months or years,
you don't consult calendars or watch clocks:
you're eternal, infinite, you're always and forever
- time is our business, time is our concern...

And for us timekeepers, Lord, today's calendar date is
curious, interesting, amusing and unusual:
For us, a numerical nicety
last seen some 900 years ago,
not to return for another 100:
and all those centuries are not even a millisecond
in your everlastng, timeless being...

And of course, Lord, today is Ground Hog Day:
an annual outing for Punxsutawney Phil
and a recurring nightmare in the movie with Bill

And for you, Lord?

Do you smile at our foolish reckoning of seasons,
at the notion that time might repeat itself?
Is it too much to hope you're patient with us
when we carelessly waste the precious time
we carefully clock - and squander?

Ah, but there's your saving grace in all of this!

Your eternal love pierces our mortal hearts
and makes a home in our immortal souls:
with unending time you enter the time we keep;
your limitless beauty appears in every season;
and with eternal precision you mark and measure
every day, hour and minute of our lives...

Enfold our time in your endless love, Lord,
until our days as we now know them end
and the timeless is ours, for ever and ever...



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