NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 4/27

Well, Lord,
it's the end of another chilled, rainy day
as pandemic April sets its sights on May...

I'm longing for a real springtime, Lord,
a sunlit season warming my bare arms
and the grace of longer days
whispering, hinting, promising
June, July and August yet to come...

And I do pray they come, Lord,
but tonight - tonight I'll don a sweater
and find the warmth I seek
in prayer, unpacking this day's worries,
laying out tomorrow's hopes,
resting at your side, entrusting to your care
my family and my friends
and all who need your healing and your grace,
your mercy and compassion,
your strength and consolation...

If I had a fireplace, Lord, I'd kindle it tonight
but since I don't, I pray for the flame of your love
to keep me through the night ahead
and the light of your peace to greet me
when a new day dawns tomorrow...


Samuel Barber: Adagio for Strings by Stjepan Hauser


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