Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 4/28

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This season of stay-at-home and quarantine,
of social distancing and face masks,
seems to dull my senses, Lord,
so I pray that in the days ahead you'll:
help me see the world with your eyes, Lord:
clearly, with wisdom and insight,
neither ignoring nor fixating
on whatever I'd rather not see...

help me hear with your open ears, Lord:
listening carefully, with true compassion,
especially to those with whom I'm living...

help me touch others' hearts with your hands, Lord:
gently and firmly, with healing
- even from six feet away...

help me taste of life as you made it, Lord,
savoring the salty, relishing the sweet,
learning to accept the sour:
make me mindful of those who are hungry these days
and generous when I reach out to help...

help me breathe in all you've inspired, Lord
sniffing the scent of the fresh and fragrant
especially outdoors on these early spring days... 
In this pandemic season, Lord,
help me to see, hear, touch, taste and smell
your glory in the world around me:
help me use all my senses to come to know you,
to love you and to serve you in any way I can...



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