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Good morning, good God...

The virus has taken so many lives, Lord,
far too many lives,
but also the livelihoods of many,
depriving them of their job, their income,
a way and place to ply their trade,
hone their skills, help their neighbor,
and share so many gifts and talents, theirs,
from your own hand...

There's no good time to lose a job, Lord,
but in this season of this year
the loss is so much greater,
so much more to bear, surpass and survive...

So I offer you this morning
all the disappointment, heartbreak and pain,
all the anxiety (emotional and financial),
all the fear, distress and panic
all the helplessness so many are feeling and facing
as they take stock of their circumstances
and begin to look for work
just when jobs are so hard to find...

What I pray this morning, Lord,
is for your Spirit's wings to open wide
and gather in all those who've lost their job
and now feel lost themselves:
lift them up, quicken their faith in you
and strengthen their hope
that all's not lost, that this will pass,
a new day come and new work, too...

Give all of us the grace, Lord, to be there for each other:
to listen, to encourage and to offer our assistance,
when and as we're be able, but most of all to be there,
to be there for each other...



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