NIGHT PRAYER: Sunday 6/28

We've had something of a dry spell, Lord,
but you certainly made up for it this afternoon!
Talk about opening the flood gates!
I'm sure it was good for the farmers
and I'll bet the local gardeners were happy, too
- not so much my bride and groom
but I reminded them: a wet knot stays tied!

This afternoon's torrent was powerful, Lord:
driving, refreshing, cleansing, cooling
and were I a little younger
I might have stepped outside to enjoy it,
to let your healing soak me,
your mercy like a downpour,
your reign, a summer shower...

Sometimes that's just what I need, Lord,
for you to soak me,
drench me,
all but drown me,
leave me dripping wet with moist anointings
of your freely given grace:
every inch of me from head to toes washed
in showers bracing and redeeming...

Refresh me with your reign of grace:
let me drink it in and drink it down, deep,
until my thirst for you is quenched...

Rain, rain, don't go away!
Rain down on me,
reign over me
and never, ever, go away....

With a lullaby of rain drops, Lord,
protect me as I lie awake
and help me fall asleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


Rain Down by Jaime Cortez

Rain down Rain down
Rain down your love on your people
Rain down Rain down
Rain down your love, God of life

Faithful and true is the Word of our God
All of God's works are so worthy of trust
God's mercy falls on the just and the right
Full of God's love is the earth

We who revere and find hope in our God
Live in the kindness and joy of God's wing
God will protect us from darkness and death
God will not leave us to starve

God of creation, we long for Your truth
You are the water of life that we thirst
Grant that Your love and peace touch our hearts
All of our hope lies in You.


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