Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 7/21

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I stumble, Lord - a lot!

I bend under pressure
    and trip over my own mistakes...

I lose my balance
    and fall flat on my face...

And sometimes I'm a stumbling block
   for those whose paths cross mine...

Still, you never fail to help me,
   reaching out to lend your hand...

You're always there to lift me up,
   dust me off, give me a second chance
      and help me on my way...

So, when I'm hard pressed, Lord,
   and get in my own way...

When I'm not steady on my feet
   and need your help to keep my balance...

When I'm in a rut or a pothole
   (and when I AM a pothole
      on the road my neighbor travels!) 
then remind of your help,
   make steady all my steps,
      reach out to catch me as I fall,
   and let my foot not trip another
      walking by my side...

Guard and guide my every step, Lord,
   and make safe the path I walk...



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