NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 8/13

Photo by Cindy Wooley

I wonder, Lord, do you individually paint
each of the billions of blossoms around the world?

If not, then how does each, uniquely,
so beautifully display
your delicate, distinctive brush stroke?

And if you take such care with flowers
how might I even begin to imagine
how closely, how intimately, 
how finely you design each one of us,
blossoms on the vine of Jesus,
branching out in every place and time?

Who knows how many times today, Lord,
I failed to see your beauty, flowering all around me,
calling me to notice you in petals and in people,
each of us a mirror of your everlasting glory
traced and graced by your artist's hand
in the hues and colors of your infinite palette...

Open my eyes, Lord,
open my mind, my imagination, 
open my heart and my faith to your artistry, 
to your beauty in every place I go, 
to your beauty in everything I see, 
to your beauty in everyone I meet 
and to you, Lord, 
creator, designer, original dreamer 
of my soul and of my life...

Protect me, Lord, this night 
while I contemplate your beauty
and watch over my dreams in my sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


Beautiful by MercyMe


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