Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 8/13

Photo by Joanne Gallagher, CSJ

With the same light and beauty, intensity and heat,
   with equal power and brilliance,
      your sun rises over all of us, O Lord...

Through clouds and haze, mist and storms,
   in valley depths and forests,
      your sun's blessing pierces through with life...

Apart from Old Sol's steady gaze
    bathing my world in his rays
      I'd have no life at all...

Yet brighter, evermore intensely
   shines the light of your face, Lord,
      rising over all of us this morning... 

When I sit in shadows, waiting for the dawn,
   rise up, O Lord, and shine on me
      to guide my steps along your path to peace...

At sunrise, lift my face to yours
  and let your tender mercy break the day and shine
     in every corner of my heart...



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