Monday Morning Offering: 10/12

  Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!
Got a couple of things I'd like to lose, Lord,
things I'd really like to leave behind,
nothing new here - same old stuff...

I'd like to let go of:
    - pet peeves serving no purpose
        other than indulging my personal taste
    - persistent resentments
        burdening my relationships
    - unhealthy patterns and behaviors
        undermining my well-being
    - a selfish streak
        hedging my generosity
     - long-held grudges
        reinforcing my stubborn pride
    - hurt feelings
        feeding my self-pity
    - a couple of bad habits
        keeping me from growing up
    - biased opinions
        keeping me from the truth 
    - procrastination
        impairing my effectiveness
    - mindless foolishness
        getting me nowhere - fast...
That's what I'd like to lose, 
leave behind and let go of, Lord
- but because I have a hard time doing this -
I'm offering you this morning 
my desire to be free of these things
and my prayer for the strength I need
to let them go 
and make room in my life for you,
for your grace
and for all those you call me 
to love and serve...


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