NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 10/12

There's something different in the sunshine, Lord,
these crisp October days...
Old Sol, up in the sky, assumes an arced autumnal angle, 
warming a true lustrous glow on branches brushed with beauty: 
leaves alive in light no summer's green could ever match...
The light's above, Lord,
but I would swear the leaves are glowing 
from within...
In my reverie, the trees, 
still warm with sun soaked in from August skies,
now turn heavenward, offering a psalmody 
of color, light and shadows...
Can it be, Lord?  Can it be that
summer's warmth and light are rising still,
in praise of you, their source? 
Driving down long, arbored roads 
I find the glow is here and there, not everywhere 
and, well, of course - it's the evergreens,
backdrop for October's gift, a show of leafy finery...

Your light's above and all around, Lord,
from every angle shining
and from deep within me, warming,
from and to the depths of who I am...
I join the prayers of trees and leaves 
and lift to you a psalm of praise 
for the beauty you reveal, Lord, 
for the beauty that you are… 
There's something different in the sunshine, Lord,
these fine October days...
Protect me, Lord, these autumn days
and guard my sleep these nights in fall
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace... 
The Lord Is My Light by Christopher Walker



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