Monday Morning Offering: 10/19

  Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!
These pandemic days, this pandemic year 
has been so hard on so many, Lord:
    those who've been sick,
    those who've lost loved ones,
    those who lost a job,
    those who've gone into debt,
    those whose life plans have changed,
    those who've gone without the company of others...
Many have had their lives turned upside down, Lord,
while many of us have just been inconvenienced, 
annoyed, unsettled, a bit off balance, 
impatiently awaiting a return to normal:
I'm in that second group, Lord,
and that's what I bring to prayer this morning...
Help me, Lord, to reach out and help those in the first group,
those whose lives are in turmoil, whose needs are so many,
who are losing hope for the future:
show me ways to reach out and help...
And there's something else...

While others have sustained great damage
my pain and losses have been relatively small
so I offer you this morning my advantage, my gain, 
and the blessings of my comfortability:
in any way you can, Lord,
move some of the benefits in my assets column
to the debit column of those with great and pressing needs...

I have much more than I need, Lord:
help me to be generous to others
and please be generous with all that's mine
when you hear the prayers 
of those who seek your help...



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