Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 10/21

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I don't often invite guest writers to post here but a friend recently shared with me a prayer she wrote for a course she's taking in Celtic spirituality and I asked her permission to share it with you - which she graciously granted. Thank you, Louise, for these beautiful, prayerful words!

O Holy One, 
    I come in humility to thank you for your gifts
    and to ask for continued blessings in my life...

I thank you for the gift of seeing:
· the lusciousness of autumn colors
· the light in my loved ones’ eyes
· the sun to warm me and the moon to calm me
· the stars to be my companions 
and I ask for the gift of seeing your reality
    underneath, within and beyond
    what my eyes can behold.

I thank you for the gift of hearing:
- the melodious sounds of the ocean waves
- the thunder that reminds me of your presence 
- the chirping of birds that sing our alleluia 
- the “je t’aime, memere” of my grandson
and I ask for the ability to hear, deeply,
    the love songs you sing to me... 
I thank you for the gift of touch:
· The hugs and foot rubs of my beloved 
· The wind that caresses my face
· The invitation of a friend for a
- the softness and warmth of an infant’s hands
and I ask for your loving touch of compassion 
    to inspire me to touch all that you've created
    with love and tenderness

For the gift of tasting:
· the sweet juiciness of a rich ripe peach
· the freshly baked apple crisp
· the baby’s ability to taste his/her toes
· the lemon taste in a hard candy 
and I ask that you give me the awareness
    to be grateful for this precious gift
    and not use it to excess...

For the gift of smell:
· the scent that is unique to my daughter
· the scent of a warm fire on a cold evening
· the scent of the pine trees that surround me
· the scent of decaying plants
and I ask that wherever I go
    that I will leave the scent of your presence...

Last but not least, Holy One, thank you for my mind:
    shower and penetrate me with Wisdom
    that I might journey with my fellow travelers
    in truth, compassion and justice...

 - Louise Colletti




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