On Retreat: Thursday 11/19

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I'm away on retreat so I won't be posting as often as usual, just once a day, in the evening.  Rather than offering a Pause for Prayer or Night Prayer, I'm inviting you to find some time and a place wherever you are this week to join me on retreat. I'll be writing in the first person singular and I hope you can make my words your prayer as you carve out a little retreat time for yourself each day this week.  Find a quiet place... find a quiet time...  light a candle...  take a few deep breaths... ask the Lord to help you pray...
These have been days of grace and they're passing by too quickly
so I've been praying I'll be able to maintain this mood and momentum
when I leave Gloucester to go back to Belmont.
I can't take the shoreline home with me
but the Spirit likes to travel so I'm hopeful!
Then, as if in answer to my prayer, 
I spent a part of today's prayer with these lines from Psalm 16
You will show me the path of life, 
the fullness of joy in your presence,
at your right hand, happiness forever...
I find comfort in those words, Lord...

I needn't worry about keeping in the spirit of this week
- just because I move 45 miles down the road:
when I'm back in Belmont you'll show me the path of life
and your Spirit will help me continue to rest and breathe deeply
of joy in your presence and the happiness of these days 
will fill me as long as I stay close to your right hand...
I trust you'll show me the path to life, Lord  
- but I've got some problems:
    I often turn left when I should turn right;
    I take shortcuts and end up lost;
    I head down dead end roads,
        ones I've traveled many times before;
    at roundabouts I go in circles
        unsure of when to make my exit;
    too often I merge with the flow
        when I should be patient and wait my turn 
    and sometimes, Lord, 
        I yield when I really should take the lead...
I trust you'll show me the path of life, Lord,
but I need more help than that: I need you:
    to be my companion on the path I'm taking;
    I need you to in the passanger seat, riding shot-gun;
    I need you to tell me when and where to turn
        and to point out pot holes and road hazards;
    I need you to tell me when to slow down
        and when to get moving;
    sometimes I need you as my back-seat driver!
Show me the path of life, Lord,
the one that leads to joy and peace at your right hand...
Show me the path, Lord, and travel it with me:
be my way, Lord, be my truth and be my life...

Show me the path of life, Lord,
and please, don't let me get lost...




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