NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 12/7

In this Advent time, Lord,
in this season set apart for waiting
I find myself embarsassingly - impatient!

I'm impatient with the pandemic,
with its devastating toll on human life
and its hold on so many simple things
that bring me comfort, joy and peace...

I'm impatient with the political scene,
with our leaders and all of us
for how we're conducting our affairs
- at the expense of our nation's soul...

I'm impatient with all the things
(sometimes large, more often small) 
that divide and spoil our personal relationships
in our families and neighborhoods
and in our faith communities 
I'm impatient with the weather, other drivers,
the speed of my laptop, the marketing of Christmas,
long lines at Stop and Shop, the loss of daylight saving time,
the red light at Church and Lexington
and December, January and February in general!

And I'm impatient with myself, Lord:
for being so demanding and impatient
with others' faults
but so patient and understanding 
of my own...

And, truth, be told, Lord,
I'm sometimes impatient with you
for not swooping down and taking control
and doing the work entrusted to our hands
which means I'm impatient 
with your leaving us to be
just whom you made us all to be:
human beings, fashioned in your image,
given grace to do things well,
if we'd be patient with each other,
with ourselves and your desires ...

They say patience is a virtue, Lord:
then fill my veins, my heart and soul
with the patience you show each of us 
hour by hour and day by day...
Give me patience in this Advent time
as I wait your word and grace:
give me patience until Christmas, Lord,
'til at last you come again...

Protect me, Lord, as I lie awake
and watch over me as I sleep
that awake, I might keep patient watch
and asleep, rest in your peace...


Patience, People by John Foley, S.J.


Patience, people, 
till the Lord is come.
See the farmer await the yield of the soil.
He watches it in winter and in spring rain.
Patience, people,
For the Lord is coming. 
Patience, people, 
till the Lord is come.
You have seen the purpose of the Lord.
You know of his compassion and his mercy.
Patience, people,
For the Lord is coming. 
Patience, people,
till the Lord is come.
Steady your hearts for the Lord is close at hand.
And do not grumble, one against the other.
Patience, people, 
for the Lord is coming.

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