Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 12/8

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The desert and the parched land will exult; the arid plains will rejoice and bloom; they will bloom with flowers and rejoice with joyful song. 
-Isaiah 35:1   (From the lectionary for Advent)

Some days my soul's a desert, Lord:
parched, lifeless and thirsting
for waters of mercy, peace and joy...

But even deserts dare to hope a day
when graceful waters flood the plains
and barren lands bloom, a sweet oasis
of your presence...

Visit my heart's desert, Lord:
flood my soul with rivers of your grace:
shade me 'neath your outstretched arms and
bring to flower all that waits within me...

Even today, Lord, quench my thirst
with a sip of your grace,
and open my lips
with a song of joyful praise...


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