Monday Morning Offering: 1/25

Morning Coffee: George Mendoza
Good morning, good God! 

Today I bring an offering of my
glory, praise and honor!
The very thought of this month's end
lifts my spirits, Lord, and my hope
that spring is on the way
   (though February and March still stand
   between me and April and Easter)
when earth softens to welcome daffodils
and trees bud in promise of leaves and shade 
for longer, warmer, gentler days...

I offer you this morning, Lord,
that pocket in my soul 
   where dreams are kept,
that corner of my heart 
   where you plant seeds of hope
precisely when I need them,
just this time of year,
when days are gray, nights are long,
and faith's my path through winter's frost
to spring in all its glory...
(And for the record, Lord:
I acknowledge that winter has it's beauty,
its own unique and splendid gifts,
but, as you know,
my heart is set on what's to come 
once winter bids adieu...)


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