NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 1/25

I wonder what you think, Lord, 
when you listen in on our conversations
and hear how we speak to one another
and the demeaning and abrasive tone 
in which we express our thoughts and opinions...

I wonder how you judge us and our words
when we twist their meaning to suit our agenda,
when we use our speech as a weapon
to divide, wound and silence others...
I wonder, Lord, how heavy is your heart
when you see how we, your children,
denigrate and demonize our brothers and sisters
as if political differences might dispense us 
from your clear command that we love one another...

I wonder, too, what will it take, how long before
we see the harm we do, the truth we deny,
the division we create, the resolution we resist
and the peace we fail to make 
each time our words lash out,
spoken, written, texted, memed,
betraying our faith, our creed, our prayer...

And I wonder what help I need, Lord,
what grace I need
to cleanse my mind and heart of spite,
to filter selfish anger from my thoughts,
to purge my speech of slander and insult 
and speak instead of truth, respect
and reconciliation...

Protect me, Lord, as I like awake
and watch over me as I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


Create In Me by the Acappella Academy

Create  in me a clean heart, O God
let me be like you in all my way
give me your strength, teach me your song
shelter me in the shadow of your wing

For we are your righteousness
if we die to ourselves
and live through your death
we shall be born again to be blessed 
in your love


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