Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 1/26

Down here, Lord, 
for lots and lots of folks,
it's the same old-same old
day in and day out,
day in and day out...
(See what I did there, Lord?)

But I got this feeling 
that from your point of view
things probably look very different...

I'm thinking that where we see
   predictability, repetition, 
   duplication and déjà vu
you see alternatives, options,
   choices and possibilities...

Where we see a dead end
   you see an open road;
when we're ready to give up,
    you're up for a fresh start;
when we're short on hope,
   you're grace abounds!

Open my eyes, Lord, 
   to see my life as you do,
open my mind
   to new thoughts and new ideas,
open my imagination
   to dream beyond the moment,
open my heart
   to discern where your Spirit draws me,
open my will
   to do whatever you might ask
and open my soul
    to this day, to tomorrow,
       and to all that's yet to be...


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