Monday Morning Offering: 2/8

Morning Coffee: George Mendoza
Good morning, good God!
Something special in the Sunday papers this morning:
3 open-and-sniff ads for perfumes and colognes,
6 scents in all - for Valentine's Day...

So, I opened and sniffed!
A few were pleasant, the rest - meh!
But here's the thing, Lord: I sniffed too close!
My nose touched the paper and now
I smell cologne wherever I go!
The scent stays with me...
So, I'm wondering...

If I buried my nose in the scriptures, Lord,
would the scent of your wisdom 
linger longer?
If I were more faithful to prayer
would it's fragrance, like incense,
rise to heaven?
If I had more faith in your love, Lord,
would the balm of your Spirit
anoint my heart?

I'm guessing the answer is yes, Lord,
to every one of my questions
so this morning I offer my desire
   - to sniff out the scent of your truth
        in the wisdom of scripture's word
   - to lift up in prayer every day,
        an offering of fragrant praise
   - to be blessed with the clean fresh aroma
         of your Spirit's power and peace...
I see you in creation,
I hear you in its music, 
I taste you in a glass of wine
and touch you in a warm embrace:
so bless the air I breathe, Lord,
with the fragrance of your grace
wafting through my days and dreams
'til all my senses fill with you
and I am filled with peace...


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