NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 2/8

I'm grateful, Lord: 
today I received my second shot of the Covid vaccine
and while I know it's not foolproof 
I trust it's an important step towards safety for myself 
and for the community at large...
Because I'm on-call at a hospital, Lord,
I qualified early to receive the vaccine:
one more reason to thank you
for the life and ministry you've called me to offer
in your name, by your grace, for your people...
But tonight, Lord, I especially want to pray
for those anxiously waiting to roll up a sleeve 
and receive what might save their lives
and the lives of those around them...
This virus frightens us, Lord:
   help us find our courage through faith in you...
The pandemic puts us at a distance
even from those we love the most:
   Lord, gather us as one in spirit and in prayer...

All the necessary precautions weary us, Lord:
refresh us, body and soul
   and restore the joy that was ours...
We're stopped in our tracks, Lord,
humbled by something we cannot see,
brought to our knees by a microscopic enemy:
   give us victory over sickness and death, Lord...   
So many are working on our behalf
in medicine and research,
in hospitals and nursing homes,
in vaccination programs
and in our own homes and families:
   bless them, Lord, and keep them hale and hearty!
On your strong arms we lean, Lord,
in your warm embrace we find our comfort,
in your loving hands, we place our worries,
in your healing power, we hope and trust...

Protect us, Lord, while we're awake
and watch over us when we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

(Unfortunately, the audio does not include all four
verses of tonight's song but I've included those
lyrics nonetheless.) 

Healer of Our Every Ill by Marty Haugen
Healer of our every ill,
light of each tomorrow,
give us peace beyond our fear,
and hope beyond our sorrow.

You who know our fears and sadness, 
grace us with your peace and gladness; 
Spirit of all comfort, fill our hearts.

In the pain and joy beholding 
how your grace is still unfolding, 
give us all your vision, God of love.

Give us strength to love each other, 
every sister, every brother; 
Spirit of all kindness, be our guide.

You who know each thought and feeling, 
teach us all your way of healing; 
Spirit of compassion, fill each heart.


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