NIGHT PRAYER: Friday 2/12

I don't make a habit of going around 
telling other folks what I think they need 
- I'm not keen on others so advising me!

But sometimes, Lord - like tonight -
sometimes when I see what I really need,
I have an urge to share that with others
because in the most important ways
I think we all need the same things...

I know I need your grace, Lord,
   to make it day to day,
I know I need your love
   to lift me up when I am down,
I know I need your mercy
   to forgive me when I fail,
I know I need your strength
   to help me when I'm weak,
I know I need so many things
    that only you can give me,
I know I need you, Jesus,
   need you more than I can say... 

I'm in need, Lord, 
and I know I'm not alone...
I'm in need of things that all folks need,
gifts that only you can give:
   your mercy and your strength,
   your gracious love and peace
but most of all, above all else,
we need you, O Lord, our God...

Protect us, Lord, while we're awake
and watch over us as we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


In Need by Ross King
   performed by Praise and Harmony Singers

In need of grace
In need of love   
In need of mercy raining down from high above 
In need of strength
In need of peace 
In need of things that only you can give to me 
In need of Christ
The perfect Lamb  
My refuge strong
The Great I Am*
This is my song
My humble plea  
I am your child,
I am in need
 *When Moses asked for God's name so that he might tell his people,
     God replied, "Tell them, 'I Am.'"


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