Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 2/13

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Five days from now it will be Ash Wednesday.   Ash Wednesday doesn't have a fixed date so it often seems to appear out of nowhere.  Today's Pause for Prayer, then, is a heads-up so Ash Wednesday doesn't catch us by surprise in the week ahead.

It's not too early to begin today to give Lent some thought.  So, here are some thoughts and starter questions for us to reflect on and pray over...

1) Lent is a kind of spiritual SPRING TRAINING for Christians.  So, what's grown weak, what's out of shape in my spiritual life?  in my prayer life? in my relationship with Jesus?  How do I need to exercise my spiritual life to condition and strengthen it?  What in my spiritual life needs stretching and working out?  What small steps might I take every day in Lent to develop a discipline, a routine in my prayer?

2) Lent is a time for FASTING and going without. Who wants to think about fasting? Well, let's give the topic a chance... What fills me up?  What food and drink, what leisure and entertainment, what work and activity stuff my body, crowd my heart, clutter my mind, sully my imagination, overwhelm my time, my days and nights,  my self, my soul, my life?  If I experienced in my body the hunger of fasting and giving things up for Lent, might I discover in my heart and spiritual life a hunger for more satisfying, substantive food for my soul?

 3) Lent is a time for GENEROSITY, for giving to the poor (almsgiving).  What's my attitude to the poor? Do I have prejudices about those in need, those who, for whatever reasons, depend on social agencies for assistance? Do I actually know any really poor people or do my circumstances keep me from them, them from me? Over the course of the year, how much do I help the poor? Am I generous? How much of my time do I give to serving the poor?  When I complain about what I don't have, do I take an honest look at all I do have? Could it be that I actually have more than I really need?  How might I simplify my life this Lent - and how would that free me (and my resources) to give more to others? Will this be the Lent I give to the poor not from my excess, but from my own want, until I feel the cost of sacrifice in my own life?
Lent is a time to live for forty days 
the way a Christian should live all year round!

So, these are some questions and thoughts to help us begin to prepare for Lent, a season of 40 days intended to help us prepare to celebrate Easter with minds, hearts and habits refreshed and renewed by the Word and sacraments, by our Lenten practice - by the grace of God.

Pause today and take some time, make some time, to pray over these questions...  Lent is just 5 days away - let's be ready to begin when it arrives!

Ash Wednesday Prep
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