NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 2/4

The partisan divide widens, Lord:
conflict, not compromise, rules the day
as the line between fact and fiction blurs 
   and blinds us to the truth...
I'm worried, Lord, 
and I'm not alone in my fear for America's future,
in the foreboding sense that deeper trouble lies in wait,
   just around the bend... 
We've painted ourselves into a dangerous corner, Lord,
and we delude ourselves if we think for a moment
that by our own wit and wiles
   we'll find our way out...

Rescue us, Lord, and bring us home to faith in you
from whom our freedom and our rights derive,
you, the One alone whose wisdom, truth and counsel
   hold the peace we've lost and seek...

We need your blessing, Lord,
we need your mercy and your grace,
we need the help we cannot give ourselves
   to save and set us free... 

O bless the land we love, Lord, stand beside her every day
and guide her through the dark of night with light from up above,
that awake, we might keep watch with you and asleep, 
   rest safely in your peace...


 God Bless America by King's Return




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