Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 2/4

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If I'd not worry about the future
and instead spend on today
all the time I waste 
in fretting 'bout tomorrow,

I'd have more energy and mindfulness, 
focus and attention
to do what this day asks of me, 
nothing more and nothing less,
and then...

I'd waste less time
in grieving all my yesterdays,
rehearsing all my troubles
and things beyond my reach,
and so I pray...

Lord, help me keep it in today
and not in times long gone
nor in days still yet to come
but help me keep it in the moment,
help me keep it in the now...
This day's the one you've given me,
this day's the one you've made,
this day's the only one I have, Lord:
help me keep it in today! 

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