NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 3/1

I know it's not the 20th of March, Lord,
but I'm declaring this the 1st day of Spring 2021!*

Some of my favorite people 
claim birthdays in January and February
but still, those aren't my favorite months...

The past 8 weeks have given us a mild winter
but, my heart aches for springtime, Lord,
and though I know we're not yet done with snow
and temps in the teens and twenties,
I need to tell creation: 
   Bring it! 
   Bring spring to ring 
      and sing its way into my soul!
I'm ready, Lord - I'm more than ready
for a spring thaw to melt my heart, 
for a change of seasons in my soul
for new life, wherever it may bud,
for fresh growth, whenever it sprouts,
for the light of longer days,
for the warmth of April, May and June,
for the Pasch of risen life
on the Sunday after the first full moon
following this spring's equinox!
Bring it, Lord!
   Bring spring to ring 
      and sing its way into my soul!
Protect me as I lie awake
and while I dream of spring ahead
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, Lord, rest in your peace...
Belmont's Beaver Brook flows freely 
    on the 1st day of spring!

Springtime by Chris Renzema 
Warning: Audio includes use of the A-word in Lent!
You’re the resurrection 
That we’ve waited for 
You buried the night 
And came with the morning 
You’re the King of Heaven 
The praise is yours 
The longer the quiet 
The louder the chorus 
Ohhhh       Ohhhh 
We will sing a new song 
'Cause death is dead and gone with the winter 
We will sing a new song 
Let Alleluias flow like a river 
We’re coming back to life 
Reaching toward the light 
Your love is like springtime 
You’re the living water 
God we thirst for you 
The dry and the barren 
Will flower and bloom 
You’re the sun that’s shining 
You restore my soul 
The deeper you call us 
Oh the deeper we’ll go 
Come tend the soil 
Come tend the soil of my soul 
And like a garden 
And like a garden I will grow 
*March 20 is the first day of astronomical spring
BUT March 1 is the first day of meteorological spring:


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