Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 3/2


The wind last night, Lord, roared and whistled,
working its way through any door 
not tight against its jamb, 
any window not flush against its frame...
And curtains shivered
as the wind had its way 
and the seal was breached...

The wind of your Spirit blows where it wills, Lord:
it roars and whistles, working its way 
through my ego, my pride and my will
and into my mind, my heart and my soul, 
my passions, schemes and dreams...
Though it take gale force
let your Spirit break through what seals me off
and keeps me from bending to wisdom, Lord,
to your word and  to your truth...

Let the power of your Spirit penetrate my defenses 
and infiltrate my stubborn ways with grace
'til my mind and heart are one with yours
in the quiet, the calm and the peace, Lord,
that's only yours to give...



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