NIGHT PRAYER: Tuesday 3/9

A faithful reader wrote, "What do you intend when you write about grace in your prayers? Just what is grace?"  Grace is a word I use often in my daily Pause for Prayer and Night Prayer posts so this will be the first in an occasional series looking at God's grace in our lives.  
Thanks for nudging me awake this morning, Lord,
when I'd forgotten to set my alarm!
After a quick breakfast I was on my way to a funeral
and as soon as I opened the door 
I met the blessing of today's sunlight and warmth
and you wakened  me again - to spring!

I felt your grace in my face, Lord,
splashing me with a morning blessing,
your word that spring is on the way,
your promise kept again,
pure gift, undeserved 
but oh, so gratefully received!

Grace in my face!
Of all the graces you might send,
my favorite kind is this, Lord:
grace in my face!

How I love your unmistakable, unavoidable, 
indisputable, unambiguous, undeniable
grace in my face!

How I love when your grace, your gift, your blessing
takes me by surprise, quickens my pulse,
gladdens my heart and turns my head around 
reminding me: you're here!  you're by my side,
you've remembered, not forgotten me, 
you care!

Grace in my face is the best, Lord!
As it touches my cheeks, it anoints my soul,
as it shines on my head, it warms my heart,
as it opens my eyes, it fills me up
with peace that only you can give!

Grace in my face, Lord!
A gift of your Spirit, filling my being 
in just one breath, with everything 
winter taught me to long for...

Grace in my face, Lord!
Today it's springtime's sweet debut,
sometimes it comes in a friendship made,
good news received, a hope restored,
a dream come true or any of so many ways
you choose to share your life with me,
reminding me that I am yours
and you are mine...

Grace in my face today!
Glory and praise to you, Lord,
from whom all grace and blessings flow!

Protect me with your grace, Lord
when I'm awake, when I'm asleep,
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

And now for something a little -
    no, something COMPLETELY different!
Grace Got You by Mercy Me


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