Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 3/9

Some folks who read yesterday's Night Prayer, Lord, 
came away feeling they're flunking Lent!
I hope my words didn't lead them to think that
so I'm asking your help this morning to set things right...
Sure, Lent began on February 17, Ash Wednesday -
but you're the inventor of new beginnings, Lord,
the source of second chances,
the creator of clean slates!
You're not counting how many days of Lent have passed
nor watching an Easter countdown clock:
you're the Alpha and Omega and for you, 
the only day is now, the great eternal now 
for you who are, who were and who will forever be...
You're not tracking the days I've wasted
(and can't possibly recoup)
nor waiting for tomorrow
(which is yet beyond my grasp):
you meet me only in today, Lord,
in the moment,
in the now:
my new beginning, 
my clean slate,
my second chance at Lent...
So, will I pray today, Lord?
How will I pray today?
When will I pray today?
Will I spend some time with you
when you meet me in the silence?

And what will I give up today, Lord?
What will I sacrifice today?
What will I let go to make more room today
for you, your grace, your peace?

And how will I reach out today, Lord,
to meet and serve you in the poor?
How will I reach out today to someone in need,
someone who needs my help today,
someone who needs what I can give? 
Today's the day that you've made, Lord, 
a day to count as gift from you:
a clean slate, my new beginning,
my second chance at Lent...


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