NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 3/10

It's been a whole year now, Lord, 
that we've been locking ourselves in,
locking others out, masking our faces
and distancing from one another
- in a fashion we've termed social...
So much sadness in these past 12 months, Lord,
so much loss, so much to grieve
so many memories we never had a chance to make...
But tonight, Lord, on this anniversary,
I want to praise and thank you
for what's  been good and graced
and all who've been so generous, even heroic,
in serving those in need...
Without minimizing isolation's lonely pain,
I want to thank you, Lord, 
for all the ways we've come together
and worked together, with your help,
to make it through this year...

I want to thank you, Lord, for all the ways
we've turned to you in prayer,
often by ourselves and often together
as we do here in this virtual chapel
in the morning and the evening...
Thank you, Lord, for all the ways we've been together
even as we keep a social distance,
even as we shy away from gathering
and long for the day when once again
we'll be together in prayer, Lord,
together as your own, 
together as we're meant to be,
together in your peace...

Protect us, Lord, while we're awake
and watch over us while we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


(Thanks to EDB for introducing me to this great song!)

Together by For King and Country



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