Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 3/5

I'm your work in progress, O God,
as much today as when I was a toddler,
a teen, a middle-ager - or older...

I'm your work in progress:
incomplete, unfinished,
still growing, taking shape, maturing
- all with the help of your grace…

I'm your work in progress, O God,
and you never cease
to nudge me, nurture me,
mold and form me more and more
to become the person 
you created me to be…

I'm your work in progress
even when I resist, deny or try to frustrate
your constant effort to soften my ragged edges
and sharpen what’s grown dull in my spirit…

I am your work in progress, O God,
and by now I’m version # I-don’t-know
although I’m confident and sure
you’re still working on the original,
on the heart-of-who-I am:
that unique individual you've loved by name
since before all time began…

Give me patience, O God,
with the pace at which you work
to help me grow
and bring me to full stature…
And be patient with me
when I resist your Spirit,
leading, guiding me to be
whom you call me to be...

That’s who I am, O God:
   I'm your work in progress,
   I'm still your work in progress, 
   I'll always be your work in progress!
And I know you love me, always, 
every step along the way,
because you know me so well
and take me as I am
and you know so very well:
   complex, incomplete,
   rough around the edges,
   still growing up, still maturing
   with the help of your grace
   because I'm still
      your work in progress...
And I trust, O God,
that you who began this good work in me
will be faithful to your task
and bring me to fulfillment
on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ…



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