NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 4/4

I'm living in a cancel culture, Lord,
   and one thing I'm grateful for is this:
      I know you'll never cancel me!
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 Whatever my history, whatever my sins,
   regardless of all my faults and offenses,
      however deep my guilt and my shame -
         you will not cancel me, Lord...
Do my transgressions have consequences,
  repercussions and ramifications?
Of course they do!
And sometimes the impact of my sin
   severs relationships and limits my freedom
but even then, Lord, even then,
   you never cancel me...
Nothing I do or fail to do 
   can narrow or limit your love for me...

No matter how far from your love I stray
   your heart holds my place until I return...
My past indiscretions, misjudgments and folly
   are never so grave that I'm crossed off your list...
You know my history by chapter and verse
   but your mercy redeems my old tale of woe...

Your kindness erases sin from my soul
   but never expunges my heart from yours...
You hold no grudge, you cherish no resentment,
    you don't count my sins against me 
for in your kindness, you know, O Lord:
   in my heart I want to do your will...

You restore and reorder my ways and my life,
   never rescinding your promise of grace...

In spite of my past and what I deserve,
   instead of rejection and cancellation
you offer me, always, a new beginning,
   a chance to start over, to change my ways...
And for all of this you ask of me only
   a repentant heart, a contrite spirit,
a desire to walk with you by my side
   making peace with my neighbor, day by day...
I trust you'll never cancel me, Lord:
   you've inscribed your name on my heart
and you've written my name on yours
   in mercy, for always and for ever...

I live in a cancel culture, Lord,
   and one thing I'm grateful for is this:
      I know you'll never cancel me!

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
   and watch over me as I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
   and asleep, rest in your peace...




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