Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 3/20

Help me trust in your wisdom, Lord,
   when I'm in a fog...  
Help me trust in your strength 
  when I'm feeling really weak...  
Help me see beyond my problems
   when my problems are all I can see...  
Help me trust all shall be well 
   when everything seems impossible...  
Help me trust in your faithful love
   when I feel abandoned, lost, alone...
Help me trust in tomorrow 
   when today's a total loss...
Help me trust your word to me
   when it comes in just a whisper...
Help me trust my faith in you
   when I don't trust myself...  
Help me trust, Lord, 
   help me trust!
Help me let go my need 
   for absolute clarity,  
   surety and solutions, 
   evidence and proof, 
   certainty, signs and answers...  
Help me let go all that, Lord,
   and trust in you
      and in your loving care for me... 



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