Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 4/23

 Lord, I'm sure to spend a good part of this day

I'll wait for people to arrive 
    and for people to leave,
I'll wait for things to happen - or not, 
   and I'll wait for time to pass 
      and a new day to come...

I'll wait for meetings to begin 
   and wait even longer for meetings to be over;
I'll wait for calls, texts and mail 
   and I'll wait for breaks for coffee and for lunch...
And I'll wait for the day to be over
   and I'll wait for sleep to come
        and then for the new day to dawn...

I'll wait for you, Lord:
  I'll wait for you to show your face,
     to speak a word of comfort,
        a word of challenge
     - perhaps a word of mercy...

And I'll wait for myself when I stall,
   hold back and waste time,
I'll wait for myself to catch up,
   to catch up with you, Lord,
      in so many different ways...

No doubt about it, Lord,
   I'm sure to spend a good part of this day

Will you wait with me, Lord?
Will you be patient and wait with me?
Will you keep me company in my waiting?
I hope so, Lord,
   because it's so hard to wait alone...

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