Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 5/8

    Photo by CP

I'm grateful, Lord:
    - for every day that moves us away from winter
        and closer to summer
    - for every day the sun sets even seconds later
        than it did the day before
    - for every degree the temperature climbs,
        though it dips the very next day
    - for every leaf that buds a touch of green
        on barren branches all around
    - for every color of every blossom
        on every glorious flowering tree
    - for any reason to take off sweaters
        and put on short sleeved shirts and shorts
    - for the hint of spring in the morning air
        and the earthy scent of a fresh-turned garden
    - for the April showers that brought May's flowers
        and carpets of green for barefoot walks
    - and for the promise of new life, your life, Lord,
        waking in nature, touching my soul,
           blessing my heart, lifting my prayer
              giving me hope and refreshing my faith...
For all of this, I'm grateful, Lord, 
    and give you praise, my God,
       from whom all blessings flow...


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