NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 6/26

 I love the warm and sunny days, Lord:
    they delight me, bring me joy,
        get me up and get me out
            to walk the paths of your creation!
And I "get" the rainy days, Lord:
    we need them to water the earth,
       fill the streams, grow our food, 
            and refresh our tired lives...
But the cloudy days, Lord:
    days that hide the sun's sweet smile
        and bring no soaking showers 
            to cleanse and to refresh us...

Why the cloudy days, Lord?
What's your plan here?
Why these misty in-between days? 

Why not either sun or rain
    and skip the inbetween,
dismiss the clouds that shadow us,
    that keep us from the light...
bring on the sun to warm us
    or the rain to wash us clean...
One or the other, Lord,
    and either one will do:
let the clouds give way to sun
    or pour down mercy from above...

So, why the cloudy days, Lord? 

Well, I guess I didn't really expect an answer...
Clouds, like you, Lord, are mysterious:
    they come at dawn, at noon, at night
       they shadow us around the clock;
    we can fly through clouds with ease
      but can't pierce them with our sight;
    we sometimes marvel at their beauty,
        and sometimes tremble at such portents...
Perhaps it's in their mystery
    that clouds reveal their purpose:
they leave us all with questions
   'til the rain comes down
    'til the sun breaks through
    or 'til another cloudy day has come
for us to muse and wonder...
Protect me, Lord, this cloudy night
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch for you
and asleep, rest in your peace... 

The Clouds' Veil by Liam Lawton

Even though the rain hides the stars,
even though the mist swirls the hills,
even when the dark clouds veil the sky,
you are by my side.
Even when the sun shall fall in sleep,
even when at dawn the sky shall weep,
even in the night when storms shall rise,
you are by my side, you are by my side.
Bright the start at night
that mirror heaven's way to you.
Bright the stars in light
where dwell the saints in love and truth.
Deep the feast of life
where saints shall gather in deep peace,
deep in heaven's light
where sorrows pass beyond death's sleep.
Blest are they who sing
the fellowship of saints in light.
Blest is heaven's King.
All saints adore the Lord Most High.


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