Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 6/26

I was driving down the street, Lord, 
and passed a jogger running by a church 
and as he did he blessed himself,
"Father, Son and Holy Spirit..."
He didn't know I saw him -
he likely thought that you alone had caught
his simple prayerful gesture,
his nod to you, your holy place
and the cross he traced in faith
across his chest...
And then I wondered, Lord, 
how many other times, how often
is a person walking down the steeet,
beside me in the grocery store,
stopped next to me in traffic,
behind me on the train,
passing by me on my walk,
ahead of me in line,
three seats away at Dunkin' Donuts
- how often, Lord, are all these folks -
calling on your grace and help,
speaking heart to heart with you,
nodding to your presence
in that holy place within
where you trace upon our souls
your sign of love and mercy,
the cross, your gift of peace...

Wherever I go, Lord, 
I walk that holy ground 
where you meet us, one and all,
in faith, in simple prayer, in sanctuaries 
blessed and graced by your Spirit 
moving us to bow in secret moments
to your presence and your love...



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